Welcome to OLAtraining, the official training site for the OLAgroup. This is the home of OLApartner training where you can gain credentialing to use the OLA and the OLA360 instruments in your consulting work with organizations. It is our desire that this become a place of shared learning as we work together to improve the health of our organizations and our leadership.


The Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) is a 66-item assessment designed to be taken by people throughout all positions througout the organization.  The OLA provides an organizational health level, a Perception Match level between the various positions and a Readiness-for-Change level.  The OLA measures the six key areas of organizational health and provides a way for organizations to begin to improve their health level, their perception match and their readiness-for-change. … [Read More...]

The OLA 360

The OLA360 is an employee review assessment that provides a values-based approach to 360 degree employee and leader performance reviews.  While the OLA is an assessment of the organization, the OLA360 is an assessment of an individual from multiple viewpoints determined by the user.  The OLA360 assesses the individual from the same servant-minded values as the OLA while adding the values of the learning organization and the results-oriented organization. Both the OLA and the OLA360 are delivered totally online and are designed to promote increased organizational and individual health. … [Read More...]